How you can tap your way to more hearts

News 03:05 May 2019:

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How many periscope hearts can you share at any given time?  This is an important question as it will enable you know what limits you have regarding hearts on any given day.  Most people believe that there is no limit to number of hearts posted on a single day but this is wrong.  Every individual has a limit of 500 only; this has been confirmed through research.   If you post about 1000 hearts on 500 will become active and live the rest goes to waste or are never shown.  Credit therefore does not go for the 1000 posted but for 500 only.

Even though this is the targeted limit for periscope hearts on any given day there still are tricks that can make a user use more tricks.  If you want to post more hearts simply log out and log in again, once you log in your heart count will be at 0 thereby giving you an opportunity to share hearts as much as you would love to on the platform.  In case that fails which is deeming to happen, simply update your app.  You will be surprised at the transformation.